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Are you looking for a conveniently located, fun and productive pre-school environment for your child?

For many parents, selecting the right preschool for their child isn’t an easy task. They generally have numerous questions like:

Will my child adapt to the new environment?

Will the teachers enable my child to grow their creativity or independence?

Is the environment safe for their development?

We offer small class sizes and an excellent teacher/student ratio. The children learn in a hands-on learning environment that encourages academic, social, emotional and physical growth and development

Highland Academy NJ Private Pre-School

At Highland Academy, we understand that quality early childcare is not only important for their development but it also affects their future lives in school and as adults. This is the reason why we are rated one of the best preschools in New Jersey. Our focus is to prepare students for a successful transition to Kindergarten.

We offer small class sizes and an excellent teacher/student ratio. The children learn in a hands-on learning environment that encourages academic, social, emotional and physical growth and development!

Why Highland Academy?

The pre-school age is one of the most sensitive development stages where both the mind and body are developing. This means that the care of your child receives at this stage helps to shape your child’s mind and have a significant impact on future success. This is the reason we have created a conducive environment to nurture and support your childs growth and development.

We offer small class sizes and an excellent teacher/student ratio. The children learn in a hands on learning environment that encourages academic, social, emotional and physical growth and development!

Rated One Of The Best Pre-Schools In New Jersey By Parents

Highland Academy Pre School, our early learning center attributes include:

  • High levels of security including secure entry systems along with a childproof building and playground design.
  • We offer flexible half day and full day sessions
  • An engaging environment where children learn through play and exploration.
  • A warm environment for both parents and children thanks to our experienced and dedicated staff.
  • A dynamic curriculum that is revised every year to ensure the needs of each individual is met.
  • Students are grouped by ability and move through goals at their own pace.

Happy children, happy teachers, and happy parents!

Highland Academy Pre School Classrooms

We have designed our classrooms to support age-appropriate learning. This includes decor, furniture, and room arrangements and the daily learning program. All these classroom elements add to the synergy of creating a hands-on playful learning experience.

We use various hands-on learning experiences that are not only stimulating but are also designed to support preschoolers development. This class/curriculum is meant to prepare children for kindergarten and to build skills for future academic success. To achieve this, the children learn through various hands-on stimulating experiences. Our teachers are also conscious of the varying abilities and needs the children have effectively building their self-esteem. Teachers respond to their needs accordingly and also enables them to enjoy the learning process.

This class is characterized by:

Focus to prepare the kids for kindergarten and beyond.

Children are socialized through small group activities.

Age-appropriate technology is used to promote learning.

Outdoor Playgrounds

Besides learning in the classrooms, we have a spacious outdoor area where the kids can play and explore. Here, children can make new friends while they engage in active play, learning, and exercise. Our teachers encourage the children to make connections of what they find while playing on the playground to what they learn in the classroom.

Highland Academy Pre School Guarantee To Parents

We have been the choice for many as the best preschool in South Jersey because we not only love the kids but also the parents! They are an important part of our community. We always keep the parents up-to-date about their children’s progress. We also value your input in terms of service delivery. More often than not, we rely on your guidance and insight in order to tailor our teaching and care services to meet the unique needs of your child. As such, your involvement as a parent is not only welcome but we also encourage it!

Our Parent Relationship Highlights

Your children are nurtured and cared for in a state-of-the-art facility that is safe and accredited. Thus you can have peace of mind wherever you are.

We keep you up-to-date about your child’s wellness and development no matter where you are.

Your kids undergo play-based learning and we are always happy to help you replicate the same in your home.

Parents are always welcome in our facility and also to be part of their children’s experiences when they have the opportunity to do so.

Our Health & Safety Efforts

Our goal is to create an ideal learning environment for children. As such, health and safety is our top priority which is not only reflected in what we do but also in the general design of our facility. Our health and safety routines include proper nutrition, handwashing, and careful attention to all levels of cleanliness. More importantly, we employ enough caregivers to give attention to each child needs especially among the toddlers who need more attention.

Our health and safety efforts also include ingenious designs to facilitate a safe playing and learning environment. We have childproofed every inch of our facility to keep the curious minds safe while they explore and learn. The doors are always locked thus kids cannot wander off unsupervised. Moreover, only authorized parties have access to our facility; an aspect that keeps them safe.

Looking for a school that will help your child maximize their abilities and excel in their academics?

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