Don’t miss out on our annual musical Peter Pan Jr.  The kids have been hard at work since auditions in October. Everyone from Preschool to 8th grade has been learning music with Miss Rachel, learning choreography with Mr Tim, and putting it all together with Miss Theresa.  They have been working hard to memorize their lines and blocking. It’s almost time to pack all of Miss Lea’s sets and Miss Tammy’s costumes up and head over to the Dominick A. Potena Performing Arts Center in Margate.  Once at the theater the kids will have one technical rehearsal and one dress rehearsal to transform the show from the cafeteria practice space at Highland Academy to the stage! The kids are working so hard and are so excited to tell the story of Disney’s Peter Pan Jr.  


Disney’s Peter Pan Jr.  is based on the Disney film and J.M. Barrie’s play.  The show tells the tale of a boy who won’t grow up. Peter Pan comes to visit Wendy and her brothers, Michael and John in the nursery.  After he whisks them away to Neverland we all get to meet the lost boys, mermaids, fairies, Neverland natives, and the infamous Captain Hook and his crew.  It is a magical story and who better to tell it than The Highland Academy Kids! We hope you will join us on March 23 at 6PM. You won’t want to miss the adventure!