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  • Phone : 609-652-9500

highland academy classroom

We invite you to come visit Highland Academy! We offer tours, admissions events, and other opportunities to learn about our school community.

  • We seek students of diverse backgrounds who will add to the fabric of the school community and who can excel within our program. 
  • We seek families who desire a strong academic program and a community that will embrace their children. The decision to be part of an Independent School Community is an important choice for a family. When the match is right, a strong partnership between home and school is built.

Admissions Procedure

We are excited about your interest in Highland Academy! What follows is an outline of the application process.

  • Contact Highland Academy to schedule an appointment. The best way to get a sense of what Highland Academy is all about is to visit when classes are in session. You will meet with the director and tour the school. 
  • Complete the school application and return it to the admissions director. In order for us to learn as much as possible about your child's strengths, we ask parents to provide us with copies of the child's current academic records, including progress reports, and any achievement and/or diagnostic test results. We also welcome recent samples of your child's work. 
  • Visit the school with your child. A formal visit is required prior to attending our program. During the course of the day, the director and staff will evaluate your child. This evaluation will include oral and written testing, interactions with other children and general observations. At the end of the day, the director will review the findings with the parent. This will assist the school staff in evaluating your child's academic and social skills.